so here i'm in the process of minting uh the nfk on polygon blockchain with openc and yeah after i created my nft you i needed to tap to click cell in the top right and then i just set up the price the price i needed to set up in ethereum but i created an accounting like i logged in with my metamask on polygon blockchain so i didn't need to pay like gas fees to to uh to start selling and then i just have these three messages unlock silent functionality unlock currency send message and it says i only need to do this once and yeah i had so far i'm not paying any guest fees and there you have it it just says your nft is listed on uh on polygon so there you have it and now i just listed it um and there you have it uh i have this collection and yeah you can see that it's ethereum on polygon so it's followed on blockchain so that's that and that's how it works i can like it i can see which blockchain is minted on i can yeah so that i can share it i can transfer it as well so that's basically how you can do it so again here is like my profile here is my uh nft and then i can just tap like cell and then i can uh set it for for selling and then complete these steps i just did that and then of course i have like five of these owned by me so that's about that um hope it is helpful

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