How to move to a different account in Mastodon app?

so here's Mastodon app and in this quick tutorial we're gonna go through how to initiate and move from different accounts so just go to your profile tab in the bottom right tap on gr icon in top right and then you have account settings you'll be redirected to the web page and then it says here move to a different account and also it says moving from a different account so depending what you want if you wish to redirect this account to a different one you can configure it in the top if you want to opposite to move from other account to this one first you need to create an account alias um so yeah so for example you want to move to a different account uh just tap configure it here your account is not redirected to any other account currently so just you need to enter this handle of the new account specifies the username at domain of the account you want to move to and then please enter the password of the current account this action will move all followers from the current account to the new account your current accounts profile will be updated with the redirect notice and be excluded from searches no other data will be moved automatically so basically your idea is that to just to move all followers the new account must be first be configured to back reference this one and I will show you how to do it after removing there is a writing period during which you will not be able to move again your current account will not be fully usable afterwards however you'll have access to the data export as well as your activation alternatively you can only put up or direct on your profile so anyhow but before doing this action move to a different account you need to log into your new account with a new handle on Mastodon and then go to this setting and then tap this tab moving from a different account and then here you just create account alias and then specifies the username domain of the account you want to move from so just entering your old account here imagine that you are logged in in Mastodon on in your account enters this handle here if you want to move from another account to this one here you can create an alias which is required before you can proceed with following followers from the old account to this one and this action by itself is harmless and irreversible reversible action account migration is initiated from the old account so yep there you have it and then you can just do it and that's how it works

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