hey everyone so here is like facebook group chat so if you just go here and there are some messages um and then basically what to do if you want to mute the the group chat so here if you just tap on the chat name you can just tap mute and then here you will have the options message notifications call notifications messages and call notifications so if you just mute message notifications you won't receive this top bar notification i have just seen right now and also if you mute calls you won't receive calls from this group so if someone calls to this the group yeah sometimes it can already be like quite aggressive like if there are like 40 people in the group so yeah you can just do that and then here mute this chat for starting from 15 minutes one hour 24 hours or until i change it so there you have it so now i muted nothing is happening this chat is not removed it's not archived anything just the messages from this chat won't be appearing in your notification feed and you won't receive this like badge like red icon badge so yeah that's that also if you want to completely ignore messages you can just tap here but that's like a different setting you won't be notified about this group's messages and the conversation will move to spam and message requests you won't notify the group chat that the message have been ignored so that's the idea so you can just also tap to ignore but yeah so that's the overview

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