to mute a profile in true social app basically you can just tap on three dots and then you can select mute here so these are all your mutes muting means basically that you won't see any content from this profile in your in your news feed so that's the idea and uh yeah but that person who you muted will still be able to to read content from you from your profile if you block someone so you can also block someone here it means that you won't be seeing content uh from this profile but that profile won't also be able to yeah to see your content so you basically you will disable access to your content for this profile as well so that's the difference between blocking and muting and you can do both here on true social similar as on twitter you have two exactly same features on twitter if you want to unmute you have mutes here in your menu and then you can just tap to unmute so similar as on twitter so this is basically it

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