hello so in case you want to upload the app offload the assets app here and here you just need to wait until it loads obviously then you will see documents and data which is used by the app um but like for example if i have here telegram i can just tap offload app this will free up storage use the app but keep its documents and data or install in the app field place back your data if the app is still available in the app store so here you can see the app size is 88 megabytes documents and data is 1.2 gigabyte so that's the idea so if you upload the app basically it will remove 88 megabyte but um documents and data 1.2 gigabytes still will be on your device so maybe you can freeze storage for like 88 megabytes but then if your data in this app is important for you 1.2 gigabytes will still be on your device so i think that's the process here you

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