How to open a CUSTOMER SUPPORT CHAT in CASH app?

hello everyone so here is cash up so here is uh if you type in your profile there are a few updates and especially about support so recently it was super hard to conduct support in cash app you needed to go on the website and find this contact support form which was super hard to find but now if you just tap on support the reason you start a chat options uh where you can just start a chat in the inside of the cash app of course you can still search for support and some find the form and then but yeah you can chat with support chat on your own schedule will notify you of new messages and your history will always be available so here you can also just add some pictures so i'll just there is sketchboard so for example i want to know how to open a kids account i'll get you to someone who can help this may take about two hours but you don't have to i will notify you when they reply so that's about it so still the support is not the best but at least there is some quick support option so you can just describe your issue here and then of course you'll be notified to when there is a reply on email which is attached to your cash app account but of course it can take time they will also alert you to with notifications so then you can just go to personal and double check which which email are you using with the cash app so hope that is helpful thanks for watching

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