Harrison gel app so to open your messages inbox and see your messages just tap on the inbox Tab and here you can see all the messages you received so how does it work so at the moment I just see gray messages what what does it mean it means that I already opened this message if that the color wouldn't be gray and it's just some orange as this app it means this is an unopened new message also if I have this green icon in the top right it means I posted a reply to this message on on Instagram already um so yeah as you can see here I have a lot of these green icons I posted a lot of replies now uh if I just tap to open it and then like of course the my top question is like who sent this and I want to tap and it just says I need to upgrade to Pro membership to see exclusive hints on each message and it's 9.99 per week and then you just decide if uh if you want to upgrade but as people write in the Apple reviews it's uh it's pretty hard to guess from the from the pro membership it just gives you hints like the user on Android or the user on iPhone and then just very general location like New York or something like that and of course if there are like Millions people living there and millions of people have like iPhone and you shared your story to hundreds of your friends or followers and it would be really hard to identify and to see who which username sent you this message but of course if you shared your story to a limited amount of people somewhere this hint might help you out but it will never be like this this username sent you this message um so yep just something like that

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