so to open your messages in ngl app you need to go to inbox tab in the top right if you see that there are new messages coming in you will see a red circle next to the right to the right of the inbox uh so then here if there is a new message the new message will be in a different color so uh i just have uh like some messages which are unread and then i will just see them then i can just tap on that and then it will be red so it will become gray it means i have read it and if it has like a green icon in the top right it means i have replied to this message in instagram story so that's how you can see the messages but yeah it's not enough of course a lot of people exactly want to see who sent this message so for that you will need to upgrade your pro subscription and then you won't be able to see the username who send it but you will get very general hints something like this user on iphone from from this town send the message so for yeah it can't be not enough to to receive um to get exactly who sent it but at least you can get some hints um and then also you can tap reply and by typing reply it will just create a new story on instagram where you can just send your text reply

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