10 tips to optimize Slack usage

I see that Slack is getting more popular every day and I wanted to share couple of tips that have helped me optimize it’s usage last few years.

  1. Use Threads to reply to the message. It makes it much more compact and easier to navigate for everyone.
  2. Use “ctrl+k” or “cmd+k” shortcut to jump chats, find people etc.
  3. You can group channels in sections so it’s easier to see most important channels (screenshot below)
  4. Edit messages by using “up” and “down” arrows and then “e” to edit messages. Makes it much faster than using cursor
  5. If there are too many Direct Messages and/or Channels you can set to show only unread Direct Messages and Channels, makes it so much more compact
  6. Use “Remind me about this” functionality when you don’t have time to answer right now or want to see this message later
  7. If you plan to answer the message later, better let know the person that you don’t have time right now and you will get back later, use functionality described in 6.
  8. You can turn off “link previews” in the settings, make the messages much easier to navigate. By default it’s on unfortunately
  9. If not already, add your picture so people can recognize you, I for example use Slack to find people
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