hey guys so i'm just going through twitter here and um some people are reporting that twitter is working on the possibility of pinning conversations so inside your dms on messages on twitter you'll be able when you just slide to the right you will see these conversations and then you will see like pinned conversations so that's kind of interesting um and then yeah so twitter is working on making pin conversations and upload longer videos part of twitter's blue labs as reports chain mansion one so you can go to twitter blue labs and then pin conversations and upload longer videos um so that's part of the twitter blue and you will need a twitter blue subscription for that so basically you will need to pay for twitter you know so there you have it so you can pin conversations on twitter and um this is twitter blue top articles you can custom custom app icons thread mode article reader on dot tweet longer video uploads and all of that you will get with the twitter blue                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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