How to PIN FRIEND as #1 BFF in SNAPCHAT Plus?

hello everyone so here is snapchat and if you type in top left uh you see here is this snapchat plus badge so i just upgraded to snapchat plus and i'm gonna show you this top feature where you can tap and pin your best friend forever press and hold on the front for the option to pin them as your bff so you can only pin you can only pin one friend at the moment and basically what will happen is they will just go to the top of your chats so here you see friends in the bottom you see my friends and then tap and hold and then just do that on the front profile you want to pin and then you can tap pin pins this friend as your number one bff and then i just tap it here and there you have it and then i see this section called best friends you can only do it again just to one friends just one friend and that's it so you can pin or you can unpin easily let's see so team snapchat i can't do that with that but here you can pin or unpin as bff so that's the feature kind of cool so you need to subscribe to snapchat plus to get that that's 3.99 per month and hope this is helpful

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