everyone so here is gate dot io app and one of it's one of the most secure bitcoin and digital asset exchanges in the world so here is the app uh yeah this is website gate dot io you can do all the transactions on the website but also you can get it on the app store here so there you have it gate.yeah um discover this app save trending reliable transparent real-time quotes information gathering one-click service candlestick chart data analysis one click wallet so there is also crypto wallet here so let's just install it and see how it works it's 197 megabyte size um there are so far like only less than 500 ratings but hope it grows let's just open it up so then i can just tap to open it okay your gateway to cryptocurrency and let's just see how it looks like and how it works okay so let's just try to open it up probably because a lot of people are trading right now all these apps are a bit down like you probably heard that was down and some other apps as well so then okay finally seems it's working register rewards hundred points uh plus 5500 sd test for you invite friends share 40 commission circle view grade posts and live streams from influencer and like-minded finance earn and borrow easily and safely entity trending and then yeah then let's just enter now and this is this is the app uh how it looks like so you can see top gainer futures lawn index [Music] so here you can see some coins here uh you can see exchange so you can buy an exchange and you can buy ship shibayano here [Music] then there is there are some news and then there is your wallet and then you just need to log in to create your wallet so there you have it and then there is this elon coin for example if i want to buy it i just tap on it okay so here is just a market overview if i want to exchange it uh okay so i still need to create an account obviously to do all of that and uh yeah so there is also leverage and then there is like buy instant trade and then yeah so that's the app basically it's just a quick overview how it works and then to log in you need to to register an account email password uh fund password to know what that is and invite it by or you can just register with your phone um and then there you have it that's basically the app that's how it looks like hope that is helpful uh that's the app if you have any additional um thoughts about it just leave it in the comments below                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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