to play games in standard app just do this it's actually super easy you just need to swipe right from the original prompt and then here you just basically have all these different games write your name choose your valentine valentine applications 21 questions you can also of course edit the design a bit and then instead of just post it on snapchat you have the button which says play and yeah here you can just actually you have 21 questions by sending ask me yes or no question and then when you post it it's not just like you know question or an answer basically there is like a full game going on so this or that and then you can play kiss my blog never have i ever reporting cup shipped me 22 resolutions positive big guests who here are a bunch of these games and they're adding more and more games so that's how you play basically uh so yeah that's the idea um and if you upgrade in in uh standard app you can reveal who sent the message and all of that so hope it is helpful

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