How to play Never Have I Ever in NGL app?

here is NGL app and did you know you can play never have I ever in this game send me an hour have I ever anonymously so it's the very popular game but it's just included in a jail link so just open the NGL app you need to have your account created but you don't need to upgrade to Angel Pros there are some games where you need to upgrade here you don't need to and then just copy link and share in the same way as you are sharing your ngel story so there you have it and then you need to tap on sticker in top part and then just tap on link and then tap past and from here you will be able to insert Angel link and then you can just share it your story or to your close friends and when they tap on Angela link it's basically the same NGL but they just need to to set uh yeah never have I ever so that's basically that uh yeah there are also other games here hope is helpful

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