How to play Wordus app game?

so here's where this app which is going wireless right now and i will just show you how to play it so right now i just want it so what i did i just guessed the word so let's just play again so here you need to uh enter you have all the letters and you need to enter a legit word which is five letters uh so for example again let's start from these words i can so gray means that these letters are not present in in that correct word yellow means that there is l letter but it is on the wrong position so then uh so yeah i don't need to use a i don't need to use e because this is not smart i also can't use word loop because it's just four characters um so wait is so now you see o is not there but al is on the correct position so i just need to uh now okay so that's not that work uh so yeah that's the idea basically and then i just need to invent other words uh using light gray letters because i don't know their status dark gray letters are basically which are not present um so i don't know ql vl uh zl excel so maybe flint oh okay so and now you see i guessed so that's f al and and but there is no eye letter so flan fun there you have it and now i guessed it so that's basically how you can win this game so hope the logic was uh was understoodable and then here is you can see all the statistics and all the gas distribution and all of that hope that is helpful

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