How to play Your Crush game in NGL app?

here's Angel app and did you know that recently they have new games here so one of the games is called your crush tell me your crush anonymously so you can access this app even in free version of Android apps so just tap your crush select the screen and you see that the color has changed then copy your link this will be your NGO link slash your crush and then you can just tap share go here through the steps and then share from here you need to have NGL app installed and you need to be logged into your account and there you have it and then the thing to do is just tap on the link not giffy oops by the way you can easily remove by hovering over anyways uh so just search link and then you need to pass um this link if you can pass it go back and pass it again like this and there you have it so here it is and then you can just pass it and then you can share it to your close friends or your story so something like that

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