How to POINT .ENS DOMAIN to a website?

hey everyone so i'm just reading here like can you use enc9 to point to the website in cnn like andre dot ethereum is basically just a nicer shorter name for your ethereum wallet address instead of having like you know these all cryptic symbols you just have nice little name where and you can use it for all the purposes with cryptocurrency in blockchain but some people can still want to host it as a website there aren't many third party tools and applications resolve ip addresses attached to unc instead we suggest hosting your static html css just on ipfs and put the hash in your ems names content record then it keeper and can be resolved by eons of our browsers opera browsers extensions any browser with dot link or dot limo appended to the end uh if you want to redirect uns name to existing website you can write html file file containing javascript logic to redirect your website upload this file into epfs using epfs espionage and set cid your content hash so for example you can see the source code of deposit as an example so yeah something like that um so here is this website deposit contract the contract has been moved to ethereum 2 so yeah you can just go here and yeah so you can see here all the configuration [Music] so yeah something like that

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