1. Launch Discord call.
  2. In the bottom right of the call click on the pop out icon.
    pop out in discord call
  3. After that your Discord call will open in a separate window, which you can drag around your desktop.


discord app

What is Discord?

Discord that was created in 2015, allows you chat with your pals via voice, video, or text, and connects you to server communities where you may meet other people with similar interests. Discord's main emphasis is gaming. It previously handed out PC games to members for free, but discovered it couldn't compete with Steam.

Adding Discord is as simple as opening the app or going to the website on your PC and utilizing it. Once you're in that server, you may connect to it in one of three ways:

  • Accepting an invitation
  • Making your own, or
  • Searching for one and selecting it.

A server is composed of channels that members of the server may use to interact through text, audio, or video, such as the ability to show their displays to one other. It may allow Zoom Meetings to be accessed through video conferencing.

Additionally, Discord is placing a greater emphasis on its non-gaming applications. It has communities for reading clubs, dancing lessons, and digital conferences, all of which are mentioned on the website.

How to use Discord?

Teens use Discord for everything from studying for courses to watching Netflix together, according to our research. You may also arrange channels by category when you create them. More servers and channels may be found on the left side of the list. To see a list of servers on the right, please click here. To add friends, check whether you've been mentioned in a server, or search servers, go to the top (or the bottom, on mobile).

You are limited to the number of servers on which you will get alerts. You may create a nickname for each server you join, whether that's for yourself or for someone else. If you have friends on one server, you may ask them to join your friends list on another server even if the friends don't need to be on the same server to interact directly.

At most, 500,000 Discord users may be hosted on a single server. If more than 25,000 members are on the server at the same time, the owner should contact Discord customer service to increase the server capacity to prevent connection problems. 50 is the maximum number of categories that a server may have, and 500 is the maximum number of channels that the server can have in total.

Discord on Android:

Discord version 4.5 is available for free download on Android. It is a chat app made especially for gamers and one of the most recent betas for Android.

Discord on iOS:

Discord with a rating of 4.8 is available free to install on Apple for iphone, ipad and ipod touch. The minimum requirement is iOS 10.0 or later. It offers In-App purchases for advance features.

On personal computers

To download and instal Discord on your PC, just go to and choose "Open in browser" (or "Open in Windows"). The operating system on your computer should be Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64.

Parent Reviews:

While they do not check users' age upon sign-up, Discord imposes the minimum age requirement of 13 years. Discord may be used securely if you utilize the privacy settings and monitoring. A danger exists when it comes to chat sites and applications that allow for open communication. Only accept requests from individuals you know and utilize private servers to interact with people you already know.

Direct messages sent to members of the public via the public Discord servers have on rare occasions resulted in predators targeting children (DMs). Kids and parents should know how to identify and handle creeps and internet predators.

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