How to post a BeReal On Time from notification? Does it work for you?

so i just received be real notification so let's try to to use it and to post the image let's see if there is really an issue here um but i'm still getting like why i am i want to post a live burial so the button doesn't work and there isn't no notification for new burial why do i need to post a late one so that's the issue with the app i think there is still this bug that when you try to post in the notification times or like hundreds of thousands might be millions of users going there and the app is just buggy so it's not you it's not your wi-fi or 4g connection and now finally you have this available so something like that and it took me you know like one minute to post this and something like that and then i will i won't see like uh that this be real is light or stuff like that uh but yeah uh that that's the issue so you can see there is a big of delay like you know uh due to possibility on time and if i posted it on time i don't i won't see it below the added caption i won't see the option to that this bureau was light or stuff like that but yeah anyhow still it's an issue in the app that if you want to post your burial on time expect delays expect bugs maybe the app can fall down or stuff like that might be it will be solved in future releases

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