How to POST A BEREAL? Possible bugs & delays

so here is be real and i'm trying to post uh be real uh here so just trying to see if there are any bugs or can i actually do it and then i see that there is some delay so i needed to wait for like you know as you have seen like 10 seconds until it's uh is there then basically yeah um i can select privacy imperial um so i can select the audience where i want to to share that okay and then um okay i can just tap send and this there you have it so now uh it's it's being posted to the discovery uh as you can see it was a bit delayed but not worked so in the end i was able to post that but i was able to post that with a four hour delay so maybe when you are trying to post it on time when you know like hundreds of thousands millions of other users are doing that sometimes their servers can be overloaded and i see on my site mr hector is that a lot of people are asking that there is really some kind of bug and in some time slots like you can't post your picture on be real and you can also see this this is one of the most common issues if you just go to their comment section on the on their app reviews so that's uh yeah that's basically what it is so uh yep that's the idea um i don't know what else to add and like seems overall this issue was fixed because like few weeks ago or months ago you literally had like this a major buck and at some period during the day when like millions of people wanted to post it you couldn't do it and there was a major bug now there are less people who can do that who who who who experience this bug but still it's it's there you can go and ask the support or just write a review in app support section to clarify might be there is some issue either if it's your rfi is slower might be like older phone model i don't know what is it connected to or maybe if you're located in some like location in us maybe it depends on their servers because as i see the majority of this issue is coming from us so right now i'm in europe and um it seems to work fine for me uh so yep there you have it

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