How to post a camera photo in noteit widget app?

did you know that you can actually take pictures in noted widget app so before it was on the drawing app uh where you know you could just draw here some stuff but now you can also take pictures so just tap on this uh uh image and then you will be able to take a picture so for example i can just do that and then i can just send it to yeah to the people and it will appear in the on their home screen widget so that's the idea it will be soon on your partner's device it might take some minutes to update the widget if the low power mode is activated that's basically it and then there is also a new feature where it creates a tick tock from it uh it creates the process how i was uh yeah something like that all the notes i was taking um so yep that's basically it um so now noted widget is basically similar to locket uh locket widget is another app but focus primarily on camera here noted it was about drawing but they also added the camera feature as well so hope that can be helpful

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