How to POST A LATE BEREAL? What will happen?

hey everyone so how to post a light be real here is like the full guide how to do it um so for people especially who are new to this app what this basically means so be real is a new viral app while this app is not new but it recently entered the top charts and the concept is basically once per day you get a notification to post an image of yourself basically to image two images with front and back camera and you need to post exactly after you receive this notification during two minutes if you don't do that then you still can post your video but then it just becomes a light be real so that's that's that so yeah you still can post Liberia and you after that you still will be able to see other people posts and everything yeah uh should be fine uh uh but yeah one thing is that you will see in top of your profile is like 52 minutes late that's it I I don't know if there is any other difference if you're posting you'll be real late I mean um it's good to post it on time but it's also fine to post it live and the process is exactly the same so then you can just post it like this um and then yeah that's basically the idea Okay so then you will be just able to post that and yeah that's it and then friends will be able to see that so that's how you post the light Bureau there is no big difference in the process I guess that's that's it

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