How to POST A NEW TIKTOK NOW? Full guide

here's Tick Tock and let's go through the full tutorial how to post a new tick tock now story so just go to the now tab in the in the bottom part second tab from the left go to tick tock now and in this case I just downloaded separate app and I have a separate app in Tick Tock uh I don't know I think in your ass or something it's already built in into native Tick Tock app in other countries you have a separate app so here I can just take a photo by the way you're taking a photo of this one uh camera but in fact you're taking two photos since front and back camera then you can select and change privacy if you only want your friends to see it you can select friends or you can select everyone and please know that you're now you're now possible appear as covered if viewers are not your friends or they haven't posted on now you can always retake in the top right like this um yeah so if you're not happy with your creation you can just retake it so now finally you've posted it great and then in the bottom left you will see the the time when you posted it and then you have that and then in top right uh yeah you just have like your settings but then also you have memories where you can manage your post now so you can download it you can change privacy settings as I've told so you can change it to everyone or change it to back to friends so it's easy to do similar as on be real all of this is actually just a straightforward copy of be real app so that's that and then you can allow or not allow comments and then if you're not happy you can also just delete it here so that's the process and now after I post it I'm able to see uh boss from from other people in Explorer tab yeah hope that is helpful

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