here is Tick Tock now and how to post a new tick tock now so basically you need to get a separate app which is called Tick Tock now however I've read that it depends like maybe if you're in your ass it'll be right inside of Tick Tock but in other countries you can just tap open app and you need to install Tick Tock Now app so it's not the US App Store but it should be available in for example European app stores so just search for it and you will be able to open that Tick Tock Now app uh right now it's just in the top charts I don't know yeah okay maybe it's just lucky a bit but anyhow so to post I post you and then you have three minutes to post it uh you can change the uh camera so if you take this with a selfie camera uh your second front like back camera photo will be taken automatically if you take back camera your front camera will be taken automatically then you have flashlight you can enable disable that you can zoom and I just take it this stupid photo is the laptop and then you can change the privacy of it so you can tap who can view everyone of friends there is no option to create completely private Tick Tock now and then you can retake you can also tap retake I don't know how many times you can do that and then you can take another one um so yeah do that and then again you can take it um so yeah and then you can just tap this uh button in the bottom and uh your Tick Tock now will be posted other people will only be uh available to see it when uh they posted theirs when the time expires uh your Tick Tock now post will be posted automatically um so yep there you have it hope this was helpful

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