How to POST A TIKTOK NOW? Full guide

so here is Tick Tock now and let's explore how you can take a tick tock now so I just tap post View and I have three minutes so let's imagine I just received this notification to post the tick tock now and now I can change the direction is a front camera or back camera I can zoom in zoom out and yeah I just take a photo but like for example I have some weird expression or something like whatever okay and then in the top right I see this button retake so in the very top right I can tap retake and now I have another chance to do a better photo I can change the camera and I can do like this and I can post another Tick Tock now still you can only post one Tick Tock now per day um yeah there you have it and then uh after that uh yeah you can just retake it also you can change the privacy of this Tick Tock now either friends or everyone

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