hello everyone so here I'm opening Tick Tock Now app and I will try to show you how to post a new tick tock now and then how to delete it so anyhow this is just yeah um just posting a very random like Tick Tock now where exactly I'm just sitting here on the sofa and then yeah I can just tap who can view that you can tell friends can view that and then I just posted it here it is then I just see it here Tick Tock now it's available uh but then what to do if I ah I don't like it and I don't want other people to see it so basically then I just go to my profile and then tap on memory step on three dots in top right I can always change the privacy settings uh and then if I don't like I can just tap on three dots in top right and just tap delete delete this now and then it is being deleted that's it and then if I go to my Tab and then uh yeah I I you can see again I need to post another Tick Tock now to be able to see post from from my friends so that's basically the idea uh yeah um so that's what it is so if you're using be real be real like Tick Tock now honestly it's just like a copy piece of burial but anyhow like so be real also has this feature of memories and if you delete your post from memories it's not being deleted from the feed but in Tick Tock now if you delete from the memories it's also being deleted from the feed so that's that's the difference so that's how you delete your Tick Tock now just go to any post memory step on three dots in top right and tap delete you can also export or download it to your own device before uh yeah before deleting it just in case

How To Delete Your TikTok Post 2022...
How To Delete Your TikTok Post 2022 [ Easy Tutorial ] | Online Help Guide | TikTok Guide
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