How to POST in THE SCOUT app?

so how to post a location in the scout app so here's the app where you can actually earn money by posting some amazing locations so here i can post some location in copenhagen and then instantly it is uploaded from the image metadata if you take an iphone you can add some photography tips and then you can just okay so i need to enter season information so this is spring weather cloud months you can just add months you can add time of the day uh yeah around like that and then you can just post it and then your picture is uploaded and there you have it so now you i just scouted a location here and now so for example this is what other people locations look like so i can see wow this is the cool location i want to go here to this museum but where is it so then you can just tap unlock and you need to basically buy access to to find this exact image or this exact view yep so something around that this is the concept of the app of course you can ask like hey i can just you know like do a google search like of this image but maybe not every time you can do it and this is like the kind of social media aspect of the app that you can discover really some cool spots in your neighborhood which you actually never heard about it hope this is helpful

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