How to Post Stories in Telegram Channels?

With the latest update of the Telegram Messenger app, a new feature has been introduced allowing users to post stories in channels. However, the process is slightly different for channel owners compared to regular users. If you want to post stories in your Telegram channel, here is what you need to do:

  1. Upgrade Telegram Messenger app: Before anything else, make sure you have the most recent version of the Telegram Messenger app. This feature is only available with the latest update.
  2. Gain boosts: Unlike regular users, channel owners need to level up and gain boosts to be able to post stories. Boosts give channel owners the ability to post stories and engage with their audience. Only Telegram Premium users can grant boosts to channels.
  3. Assign a boost: Telegram Premium users can assign the one boost they have to any channel they choose. As a channel owner, you can ask your subscribers to click on a special link you create, enabling them to grant you a boost. This link should be shared with your followers, especially those who are premium users.
  4. Level up: To start posting stories, you need to level up by accumulating a certain number of boosts. The number of boosts required to reach each level may vary. Leveling up unlocks different features and admin skills.
  5. Admin privileges: As an admin of the channel, you need to be both a channel admin and a Telegram Premium subscriber to post stories. Without a Telegram Premium subscription, you will not have the plus icon in the top right corner of the channel info page.
  6. Posting stories: Once you have enough boosts and are a Telegram Premium subscriber, you can start posting stories. As an admin, you can tap the plus icon on the channel's info page to create and publish stories. Admins can also see the "post story" option when posting from their chat list.
  7. Be cautious: As you post stories, be careful not to confuse your personal story with the channel story. Both options will be available to you, and mistakenly posting the wrong one can cause confusion among your audience.

In summary, the ability to post stories in Telegram channels is now possible through the boost system. Channel owners need to encourage their premium subscribers to grant them boosts, level up, and become Telegram Premium themselves. While the process may seem complicated, it helps prevent spamming and ensures high engagement from genuine followers. If you own a channel and want to explore the world of Telegram stories, give it a try and see how it enhances your interaction with your audience.

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