How to POST TO PUBLIC in NoteIt drawing widget?

so here is noted app which went viral some time ago like few months ago and basically you can add widgets to your phone and to your friend or partner's phone and then you can just send these amazing drawings so i'm talking about this one yep noted widget yeah so this app is constantly in the top charts here and then before you could just you know send these notes but only to your friend and to your partner and something like that now you can select to send it to public share excellent note to public get inspired and draw better so now it has some kind of like a public feed and then yeah so something like that uh and i just don't know where to find that one um maybe there is like some public feed where you can see that okay so now you can see all the notes here and now you can see public feed as well here so now you can see all of that and now you can also follow people here you can see top lightest and my public and maybe yeah you can see public likes public posts and then [Music] you can just add friends here [Music] and then share to them the mailchimp customer journey builder so that's kind of like a social element it helps businesses all to make their money stay top of mind for us so something around this uh yeah so interesting

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