How to post TWO PICTURES in TikTok Now?

how to post two pictures in Tick Tock now so just tap pause to view and basically Tick Tock now unlike be real it displays two pictures when you're creating your Tick Tock now so I just tap one photo with my selfie camera and then it only in three seconds it automatically takes the second photo with my back camera or I can swap it I can start with back camera and then continue with my selfie camera um yeah but at least you see two pictures because in be real you can only take picture uh with one camera and you don't know what will be on the second picture so it's a bit like it's actually pretty exciting but yeah some people don't like it because you don't know what will be there uh but here you can just do that so that's how you take two pictures uh you can always stop retaking the top right to retake the picture in Tick Tock now

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