here's be real apps so how to put your burial on discovery feed so let's just go through it so here i have my burial and i can just post it and see is for a lot of times you'll be real will be defaulting to my friends only meaning it's only shared with your friends so that's your audience and i think be real defaults to that in some occasions because then your bureau is more private if you have like two three friends and it's just shared to these two three friends and then you're wondering why nobody is like reacting to my period and nobody's seen it so to make it to discovery you just need to tap here and tap on discovery and there you have it then your bureau will be changed to discovery so that's basically it um yeah and if you did that later and if you tap send in the bottom you can change from discovery back to my friends only but if you select my friends only and tap send it's not possible to change it back

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