How to put your name in your Crush’s poll in Gas app?

here's gas app and uh yeah to put your name in your crush poll the feature like that just go to your profile tap on coins and then here you have this option which is called put your name in your cross poll so it costs 300 coins meaning that your name will more often appear in the specific person uh you want your in the polls for specific person you want to be included in that so yeah if you if you have a crush in your school or something and yeah you just want to add your name in into their pulse so to know like if they're working for you or not I don't know if you can put like an exact poll or you can put an exact question but seems with this feature your name will just appear more often in their polls and if they report for you you will receive uh you will receive flames and you will yeah you will now uh yeah if if they want it for you or not so this is why you can actually you can actually discover if uh your crush is interested in you or not so that's kind of the way to do it uh interesting way and thank you for watching

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