How to recover a deleted BeReal? What you can do?

hey everyone so how to recover a deleted b-real so it's like very popular questions a lot of users are wondering if there is some kind of backup option or how you can do it well there is no easy way to do it unfortunately so if you post in La I'll be real so let's just try to do it so for example I'll just post a bureau and then you delete it which I will do now then it will be really hard to okay to reshare it so let's just see how it works so I just shared the burial and then um yeah like for some reason now I will just go to that burial okay and then I'll just delete my burial yes I'm sure and then I'll just delete it so uh yeah there you have it so then if you tap on your account in top right you will see that actually uh there are This Be Real can be saved to your memories um so there you have it I mean I just deleted previously real so it's kind of saved to my memories so you'll be real every you'll be real is saved to your memories and then you can just tap on Three Dots here and then you can add to photos and then basically uh you can save burial from from your memories to your photo so it's like a deleted be real which I deleted previously and I can recover it just by going to memories and saving it from there however I can't reshare it so if I want to share a new be real uh so so there you have it so now I can do it but anyhow so my point is you can recover deleted Bureau just an image so you can save that image you share on Snapchat whatever but if you want to share exactly the same burial then it's just not possible

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