How to redeem a reward in Robinhood wallet app?

here's Robin Hood Wallet app um how to get a reward so when you just create an account here in Robin Hood wallet Webster wallet you can get usdc reward after you make your first deposit your new wallet supports transfers over both the ethereum and polygon networks so you can just tap get reward and then what you need to do transfer to get up to 10 usdc on us make a one-time deposit of at least 10 dollars of any supported token to get the reward so you can deposit from Robinhood crypto or you can uh you can transfer from wallet or exchange but then if you deposit ten dollars you get only one usdc if you transfer from Robinson crypto you get 10 dollars so there is a list of supported tokens here which you can go and see so that's these are the list of supported tokens so try those out yeah and then you can you can deposit like this so that's the idea and then basically your wallet is ready so now you have um your wallet ready I just created an account pretty interesting um so check it out foreign

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