How to redeem an invitation code in TESTFLIGHT APP?

How to redeem an invitation code in TestFlight app? So yeah, obviously first of all you just need to get TestFlight app itself. So this app is used to test apps, some beta versions and all of that.

Sometimes some apps have been released here and then developers ask you to test them and in return, you get the first access to new apps or new features and all of that.

So then you just open the app, you need to sign in with your Apple ID account and then in the top right you see redeem link button and then here you can just enter your TestFlight invitation code, just an example, and after you enter it and it's valid you can just tap redeem button and then after that you will see the apps appearing here.

So then you will just see apps appearing in your menu, like for example, I tested like demos app on NoSocial and then you can just open, you can read the instructions and then yeah you can just test a specific app and just send some feedback and all of that.

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