How to redeem coins in Temu app?

here's demo app so how to redeem coins in Tamil app so just go to you tap in the bottom tap on credits and free gifts and then here you have redeem cash so and yeah if you just redeem coins uh for example you need 40 000 coins on them you can withdraw that to your PayPal account and you can see here that you need 80 000 coins for two dollars or 120 000 coins for three dollars um yeah um and you just need to redeem all of that but you don't have enough coins to redeem for this rewards you can refer friends to understand coins so here you can just um yeah like refer more users and for example here's my referral link so feel free to use that link so this is my link um yeah which you can use and start using the app um yeah like uh if your new app user you can earn one spin per existing users you can uh earn 50 hundred coins so if just some existing user of Tamil app clicked on that link you can still earn but not that many coins and if you invited new user to the app then yeah it's you can earn more so yeah but it's still pretty Long Rod you know to 80 000 coins or hundred twenty thousand coins how many people you need to invite you probably really need to be like some huge influencer or go viral somewhere to get that many invites so let's say like 20 you get 2 000 coins for every new user um so you need to invite like 20 users to get like one dollar so that's like you know that's a lot of users new users to be created um so yeah that's not easy um um but yeah try it out maybe as I will change these terms my I think they're just trying to grow their app in in any term and just they're just trying to do that but yeah hope it can be helpful

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