How to refer friends in Flashfood app?

okay they also have to refer friends in uh flash food app so just tap in top left and then you can just tap Rewards here and from rewards you can actually invite uh okay so there is submission but you can just tap Rewards let's just restart the app sorry guys so flash food and the idea is that here in this app you can invite people and get a get some cool parks and earn money so give a five dollars get five dollars usually you need code to refer a friend if their first purchase is over ten dollars you both get five dollars in rewards the more friends you refer the more rewards you earn so just tap copy and code copy it so this is my code under 49 DTC which you can use um and yeah just use it in a flashfood app and we will both get five dollars in Rewards and then you see my rewards and then you can just count your Rewards and then of course you can create your own referral code and yeah that's basically how it works then you can just redeem a code here

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