here is chef app homemade food delivery and basically you can get some free meals here by referring a friend so just tap on settings in top right earn free meals and here you can just refer a friend in the app give 20 get 10 dollars earn 10 dollars in credits when a friend signs up and places an order using your referral link your friend gets ten dollars of their first two orders twenty uh dollar in total so here you can just share your link so this is my link uh you can use the chat dot com slash your first service android g you can just refer a friend by email you can add some code yeah so use that if you're using chef app and this app is not that popular at the moment it's not like ubereats or like you know doordash at everyone a lot of your friends maybe once in a while tried it out this app is not that well known so definitely have a chance to refer friends uh so yep so you can get 10 in credits which can be enough for a meal from from some local chef

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