How to refer friends to FaceApp and use it for free (for limited time)

so here's face app it's pretty popular app but unfortunately if you want to use this for the fullest if you want to remove Watermark if you want to have access to all filters you need to upgrade to Pro but can you use face app for free yes like actually you can if you invite more people so they just added this cool referral program recently and if you just tap on it yep you can just refer a friend uh share your personal referral link your friends get a special offer referred friends get pro version for 7 days as an extended free trial offer and also when your friend starts the trial you get seven days of pro usage for each friend so here's my referral link I leave it in the description below so just click on that link if you never used like the free trial or the face app then you will have access for seven days extended free trial offer and I also can use this app uh try it out for seven days so this is like a little away from from the app because uh yeah you're inviting more people to the app so they decided to extend their free trial offer so it's this app won't become completely free you will only be able to use it for free for seven days that's it but still it's a nice opportunity and then you can just invite more and more people uh to try it out uh so yeah this is my uh link so again you can go to use it so you can invite friends here so here is what you can see here that's like the referral link so just try and just follow all these symbols and then you will have extended free trial on the face app so I think it's a nice growth tool from from this app it's definitely can bring a virality to the app because it's pretty cool app actually there you have it

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