How to refer someone in Fetch Rewards app?

so to refer a friend how to refer someone in Fetch Rewards app just tap on the Meetup in bottom right taper for a friend and here's what you have you have that you can get two thousand points and you can give two thousand points to someone if he joins so if you're just watching this definitely use this opportunity and you can enter this referral code which I'm showing right now rrt r h t and when you create an account just use that and you get 2000 points instantly as I understand maybe I'm a bit wrong just going through this app but this app is going viral right now and then you can see my referrals tab and yeah basically the idea of the app is that you can uh it's kind of like a cashback app where uh you can snap your receipts and get some cash back and get some additional points and you can transfer these points to you know some additional Swag Like buy some T-shirts use them on Nike on got Amazon gift card and all of that just by uploading your receipts automatically via email or just taking a photo of them so yeah once again try out this app especially in these times of recession and a bit of like economic slowdown and huge inflation just sign up use this code and then you can use this code to your friends and yeah hope this is helpful

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