How to refer users in DEEL APP?

so what is Deal app so deal app went pretty viral with all these remote work and it's like super easy app for companies to hire a Freelancers and contractors internationally so if you're like a big company you need some new worker in your company and you just need to hire of course you can do it through upward but alternative solution would be a deal especially if you found like through some job site not only through upwork through some other alternative job source and then you just want to hire that person so deal will take care of everything and they offer really nice referral program so here it is you can just go in the bottom left sidebar tap in referrals and here you can use my link so uh so yeah you can uh yeah I can get some like referral bonuses and also you can get that uh so if if I invite people uh so if you use uh this link that will be pretty helpful for you I think you will also get some benefits so that's basically that so uh you can learn more about their terms um so pretty interesting service that growing super fast uh so you can just go here and see it there what they're doing so who qualifies as a referral then with this needs to become a client they cannot have previously sign up with deal or receive the demos they will need to onboard up to four contractors or hire one employee uh so uh so the choice of contrast available are here you have that uh so something like that uh um so again this is my referral code uh feel free to use it

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