hello so let's just try to generate a image in dreamboat wombo app so let's just tap create and my image will be created so that's pretty cool right and then i can see just all the how it's created in real time but you can did you know that you can easily regenerate so there is this button in the bottom of the image and you can just tap and easily regenerate that but then if you regenerate if you tap this button your original input image won't be taken into account so you need to if you if your prompt is based on input image not just the keyword uh you need to start the process all over again because as you've seen i upload the specific image of the lamp and i want that to be generated but now it's uh okay so seems it's working right now in the third attempt so something like that so there are still a few glitches in the app but so just you know if you're not happy if you're not happy if you're not happy uh you can just regenerate this image and there are no limits and yeah nothing like that so enjoy you

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