hello everyone so and then if i see this cloud i connect next to the app name as i can see in the case of audible it means that this app was basically um this app was basically deleted but uh not completely um this so if you want to reinstall the app you can just tap that and it will just reinstall the app and place back all the app data and documents that are still present on this phone so it means the app itself is not available on the phone anymore just the app icon so but the app like software is not available but the data app data is available so uh yeah it means basically that um yeah like audible app can be i don't know like 100 megabytes or something but the data all the audio books is like 415 megabytes so um yeah by doing this apple saves you 100 megabyte but then you still store 400 megabytes of data on your device so that's how you can just go and reinstall the app

How To Fix iPhone Not Installing Ap...
How To Fix iPhone Not Installing Apps from App Store
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