How to remind yourself about a tweet in some time? RemindMe_OfThis overview

so here is an interesting feature interesting hacking twitter you can use so for example if you post a twitter a tweet on twitter you can just tag remind me of this and then just mention the period so this is the app which you can use and this if you tag this account on twitter it will remind you of any tweet whenever you want so you just mention this account at remind me of this and tell one in four days in a year next month tomorrow night so so that's basically how you can set reminders with a tweet and there is a website i don't know like if it will be in the form of notification so just remind me of this visa time remind me of this in three years and then get notified when it's time via twitter then down here is your reminder twitter has a reply limit so you won't be able to respond to every tweet to get around sign in and enable push notifications so you need to like to be completely sure you will need to create an account and enable push notifications so there you have it super interesting app and you can try to use that so definitely cool feature so yeah hope this is helpful

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