hello in this video i will show you how to remix a snap so for example there is my some my old snap i just tap on three dots here and then i can just type remix snap so then basically i have uh like kind of my image uh which can be put here and then uh yeah here is a sniper mix it's a snap for me it's a snap for me so something like that and then i can just yeah send it or i can again add stickers add polls all of that at stories but this is a similar feature as you would have like in tiktok duets or yeah like basically ins like snapchat develops this feature to compete with tiktok do it where you know you have a video on tik tok and you want to record the reaction to that video so that's how you do it here but it's interestingly it just cuts my image automatically and then i can just send it to my story so that's how you create a remix on snapchat yeah i think they just started develop this feature in 2021 and it should be available for you right now

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