the real app is going viral but because there are only like two minutes and like you feel so rushed to take a photo sometimes you can just take your own be real or just some weird photos doing some you know some picture you don't want for people to see or stuff like that and what to do then like how how can you remove uh some weird be real and or change privacy so when you're posting the bureau uh you need to know like that the privacy of your bureau by default is discovery so it means by default is published everywhere like on like global feed similar as you are posting on instagram like everyone can see it so that's the default privacy mode so what you can do first but this is possible to do only to your latest burial photo not like previous ones so just go to do the feed i i'm going to my friend's feet and here i see my latest photo displayed just below the add a caption i see this grey text and then i can just tap options and then here if your photo was in the discovery mode you will see this red button remove from discovery so this way you will remove photo from global feed and it will be moved to your friends feed so only your friends will be able to see your photo nobody else it is not possible to make be real further completely private at this moment but also you can just tap delete my burial and then your burial will be deleted from everywhere so you can do that as i understand now it's only possible to do to your latest burial not to to your previous photos for example i have this photo and yeah so something around it hope this is helpful uh thank you for watching

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