here's a small but very helpful update in netflix app on web on mobile so now you can finally remove uh shows and movies from continue watching raw in netflix yup i'm just reading it through the words it's this feature is already on the web mobile and two apps to remove a show or movie all you have to do is select the the card in the row and scroll down to the new remove from continue watching option click on the second time will quickly undo the removal in the one to accidentally remove that that documentary so yeah so yeah because a lot of people are quite annoyed for the different reasons sometimes you just start watching some really not interesting stuff or you will just never finish that and this row continue watching is in the top position on your on your view so let's just check it out so for example i have it here uh continue watching and now i can tap three dots on the mobile app and then remove from raw remove this title from continue watching and then i just tap remove so as you can see now it's just removed so that's that's pretty cool so just up update just update your netflix app user on like on mobile apple tv android tv wherever you watch netflix and then try out this feature

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