How to REMOVE NGL LINK from Instagram bio?

to remove ngi link from instagram bio here is what you need to do uh of course maybe you enjoyed this app a lot but then probably maybe you got quite a lot of messages and maybe you're annoyed you are tired of this app and you just want to take a break uh so yeah tap on edit profile in your instagram go to website section and then just remove it and you can add it any other website so here's my blog so i'll just add my blog name instead and that's it and then yeah so instantly your link in instagram bio will be changed uh to the story no need to do it to your instagram story because it will disappear after 24 hours so depending of course on your following uh not that it will just disappear by itself and also i added like a highlight uh with ngl link so you can delete that as well because yes these apps are fun to use might be on the weekends and stuff like that but then if you start to get in like dozens of messages then you can get a bit like a knight and like you know you can't do it all the time so this is uh just the way to clean up your profile

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