How to REMOVE NOTEIT WIDGET from iPhone screen?

removing noted widget is super simple just tap and hold on the widget and then you will see the option to remove the widget you can also tap and hold on the screen whereas the widget or on any other screen and then you will see the app start jiggling so then just tap on the minus in the top left part of the noted widget and then you will see this pop-up remove not it widget then you just need to tap remove like red button in the bottom there you have it and then apps will automatically move to their previous positions now that like sometimes if you install noted widget small or big one it can just change the like you know the positions of your apps so especially if you have some of the apps on the home screen and you know you put them into uh in the perfect positions like for example you can put like you know some messenger apps on the right side or just anything you like so they can seem that these apps can just disappear from the home screen so after you delete the widgets they should come back maybe just in the different order but no words these apps are not deleted from your device as i just probably went to the app library or you know just went to some other screen so then you will need to drag them back anyway so that's the process

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