How to remove objects from photos via Object Removal app?

hi everyone so here is this app called object from remove retouch and fix it's a super powerful app and yeah you can just use it on your phone so in case you want to remove some object from from your image like for example as you can see here just remove one of the person of the people or just remove object or remove text um like as you can see here yeah so like on this image you can see this Tower and then you easily remove and there is no Tower so you would seem you need to be like a Photoshop expert to do this but yeah actually uh you can do it pretty easily with this app which is actually pretty cool and just on your phone uh yeah and there is a bunch of apps available so there is iPhone app iPad app Mac app if you want to to be more in control with your keyboard and with a big screen just use on the on the Mac but yeah anyhow let's just try try it out to see what features it has um uh yeah obviously there is a pied version and like the free version is quite limited but you can still remove objects in the free version so here is the home screen I just signed up you can use it for free but there are limitations so you can upload either a photo or you can take a photo from camera so for example here is like the coin and let's just test it out I took a photo and then it's just a photo of a coin and then yeah here I have all these options I can remove people I can remove text I can remove a line or I can remove object so to remove an object just tap on this brush then you can just select the size of the brush in the bottom and then oops I did a mistake so you can only kind of touch it once so um uh so if I'm touching and if I take out my finger that uh that will not finish the job so here and then you can see in the top left you can see this kind of zoomed in version so now I think I kind of moved around my coin and I just want to have like a white surface so let's see how it works it's pretty cool of course it just depends on the backgrounds and all of these things how exactly that works um a dark house so pretty amazing right so like almost I can't can't see it exactly uh so yeah and then I can just tap okay and then yeah I can just tap save uh and then save it yeah unfortunately in the bottom you will have in the bottom right you have this Watermark and it will be added to all the photos um um yeah you decide and to remove it you will need to upgrade so that's what it is at the moment um so that's that then um yeah you can you can just upload your photos um you can create a collage here then there is a subscription so Subs what are the subscription options so 7.99 per week three days for free or you can try seven days for free a yearly 69.99 so these are the options you have uh here uh yeah so that's basically the idea uh then uh yeah then there is a dream to image I don't know it's like just another app from this developer uh here in the top right you just have a settings section where you can just manage all of these subscriptions um yeah and all of that uh yeah so that's basically the idea um yeah uh hope that can be helpful um and yeah so that's that that's basically the app um there is uh there is also an option to invite friends here um if you invite friends you can get 30 days free VIP so use this and so for example let's just try it out I can show you my code so let's explore this so yeah this is uh you can remove any unwanted content and you can get seven days free trial so this is my invitation code and you can get seven days free trial instead of just three days free trial so just use my code here you can see it so try that uh so here are the options you can use um yeah so that's basically the idea um hope this already was helpful and it's super cool that you can actually these days juice is quite complicated at it and all of that just from your phone you don't need to you know to to download huge Photoshop apps and learn Photoshop and all of that just to do these simple operations and yeah majority of your photos are taken on your phone these days so if you just a regular person you're just using your phone and sometimes you see some old photo you want to brush some things up and all of that so you can use this app it's pretty cool

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